Having heard many fascinating lectures, having watched the amazing movie ‘Róża’ by Wojtek Smarzowski, finally, having discussed with my Israeli, German, and Polish friends every detail of such an important topic as the end of the Second World War, I knew nothing. I felt really uncomfortable, still thinking about all of these unexplained issues that had come to my mind. When I was asked to prepare a piece of art connected to the end of the Second World War, my thoughts about it, and at the same time referring to our Polin Meeting Point project, at once, I decided it must be something positive. Something that will not leave me alone with tough questions about this crucial event. Eventually, something which would prove and underline, that we were there at Polin Meeting Point, together, young people of different nations, history, and identity, talking, discussing, learning, but very often just having fun. That was the real end of the war for me – we had the possibility to meet each other, to share ourselves. Once I had the objective, the idea just came  to me– the best way to show each individual person is to use their name. And how to combine all these names? Using a crossword! To make the topic of the work more clear, I also hid a special password in it. Follow the numbers to find it!