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The idea behind our project came from two weeks of learning in Polin Meeting Point Seminar , during which we had to be exposed to the various narratives of Germany, Poland and Israel at the end of World War II. Understanding that the narrative does not belong to any of the nations exclusively brought us into the realization that the pain and loss that brought the bloody war belongs to everyone.

In our project we collected stones around Warsaw. On the stone we paint the symbol of the Jewish Museum in Warsaw, which combines the Latin letter p and the Hebrew letter פ. We painted the symbol in the colours of the flags of the countries which we come from. We carried the painted stones through the streets of Warsaw to the monuments of memorial there we leave and document them. Placing the stone on the monument is like the Jewish custom of putting a stone on the grave: the stone means memory, and as we found out at the seminar, the memory of World War II is still alive in all of us.