When I first came to Poland I didn’t know what to expect. We got to the museum and started to get to know one another, the rest is history. We were all interested in the same subject and we were eager to share our knowledge and our personal narratives.
As we started to work on our art projects I decided to interview my great aunt who lived in Lodz before and after the war with her family. Before I interviewed her I did not know her full story. In my family if someone does not talk about the Holocaust or the Second World War we will not ask for information or for their personal stories. When I saw her she said that she had been waiting for someone to come and ask to know her story. When I told her that this story is going to be part of an exhibition in the Jewish museum in Warsaw she wanted to tell her story in Polish and Hebrew so that everyone will understand her. She got excited and immediately started to tell her story and what she’s been through since the war ended for her and for her family.
For my whole life I had not known her story, but when I returned from Poland I asked her to tell me everything, but this time from the beginning. I wanted to know everything about her, about that which before I had been afraid to ask. Suddenly I discovered a strong woman who never felt any resentment towards the Polish people after the war. She was, back then, a bit disappointed but she knows that it would never happen again. Today Sara is 86 years old, she lives in a kibbutz since she came to Israel in 1948. Until a few years ago she used to come back to Poland and visit Lodz, the city where she was born and raised.