Ella Banyan (Israel), Natalie Grabs (Germany), Matylda Jonas-Kowalik (Poland), Julia Lorenc (Poland), Marcel Pastusiak (Poland)

“A Joke Will Save You From Death”

The idea behind our project is connected to one of the oral history interviews that were conducted during the POLIN Meeting Point Summer School. One Israeli time witness told us jokes about Polish people to make us laugh as a way of making his complicated and sometimes sad story, easier to listen to. This made us think more about how people use jokes to cope with trauma.

A catharsis moment of our program here was that some of us were telling each other jokes after a long day. What might seem strange and irritating for some people is in fact for some of us a way of dealing with. A person can deal with the horrors of the past in different ways – that’s why we asked our friends from Poland, Israel, Germany, USA, Ukraine and Russia to tell us jokes.

The content of this video can be disturbing to some viewers. We know that some of you might find this offensive or hurtful.

We want our project to start a discussion about different ways of coping with a trauma.