Anna Czerwińska (Poland), Itamar Gov (Israel), Jowita Pańczyk (Poland), Lindsay Shapiro (Israel), Gilad Shiram (Israel), Glafira Silvestrova (Russia/Germany), Matan Tadmor (Israel), Beata Tomczyk (Poland)(Israel), Matan Tadmor (Israel)

Personal Home Map is an interactive educational project, that creates a map where users can upload their own personal or family histories and experiences about a city, street, neighborhood or place. They can upload photos, recordings, links and written testimonies.

Our projects’s goal is to preserve everyday life and everyday history by creating a space for “walking a mile in someone else shoes”.

Walk the streets of Warsaw with our map, you can learn about the city from different perspectives, and also to add own personal experience and mark it on the map.