Shira Berenstein (Israel), Ina Glaremin (Germany), Rikke Gram (Denmark/Germany), Pauline Sopata (Germany), Judith Voecker (Germany)

As part of the Polin Summer School from 18-31.7 2016 students living in Israel, Poland, and Germany have worked with oral history, focusing on the post-second world war period in these three countries. A central part of the summer school has been to interview people who have lived through this time, a time that for most meant fundamental changes in their lives through losses of family and home, traumatic experiences, and resettling in new and unfamiliar places. Every story is unique, and yet these features are woven into all of them. Today, in spite of the pain it still causes, talking about their experiences is sine qua non – exposing themselves and their stories to as many people as possible is their contribution in teaching history as a difficult and painful heritage.