A About Polin Meeting Point

The POLIN Meeting Point – Summer Education School is an intensive two-week educational programme that offers young people from Poland, Israel, Germany and – since 2017 – Ukraine the possibility to meet in an international group and take part in a series of lectures, workshops and discussions.

The programme is aimed at promoting the POLIN Museum’s mission and values among young people.  POLIN Meeting Point emphasizes the topics of intercultural dialogue, overcoming prejudices and finding ways for art to deal with historical issues between nations.

Every year, we ask important questions related to the joint history of the countries invited to take part in the programme as we try to make the participants sensitive to diverse perspectives. While not avoiding difficult issues, we are trying to look into the future and seek ways of building understanding and dialogue.  We want to discuss the difficult history and build a common future while remembering the past.

The programme sets a few goals:

  • improving the participants’ historical knowledge – the classes are run by experts from participating countries, and we also try to encourage participants to use the acquired knowledge in their future academic research;
  • strengthening the participants’ cultural competence;
  • initiating intercultural dialogue;
  • counteracting prejudice;
  • taking up issues connected with the difficult history through common activities to promote the attitudes of openness and tolerance.

Participation in the project is free of charge. The travel and accommodation expenses (board and lodging) will be covered by the organizers.

English language
As all classes are conducted in English,  candidates should have a very good command of the language.

Right of publicity
The Organizer reserves the right to record and publish the materials connected with the course of the project. The Participants grant the Organizer a royalty-free right to use photos and videos with their image, and rights to materials presented and developed by the Participants during the project without the need to seek their consent in every case.

The POLIN Meeting Point was launched in response to the need for intercultural dialogue among young people from Poland, Israel and Germany and for discussing their common history based on various perspectives. The POLIN Meeting Point builds upon the oldest programme conducted by POLIN Museum and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute – the Polish-Israeli Youth Exchange. The programme continues to be very popular among academic youth from Poland and Israel. A few years ago, an idea came up to invite the third side – Germany – to these meetings, and thus the PMP for Polish, Israeli and German students was launched in 2015.

Drawing upon current experiences and trying to develop good practices in intercultural integration, we have decided to invite academic youth from Ukraine to take part in this year’s 3rd edition as well, thus opening up to the Eastern European experience and perspective. In the previous editions, we were missing this voice of our eastern neighbours in the debates on our common history.


The implementation of the program is possible due to the support of the Nissenbaum Family Foundation and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland.

The Nissenbaum Family Foundation since its inception in 1983 supports initiatives aimed at the preservation of Jewish heritage in Poland. In 2015 thanks to specially appointed the Nissenbaum Family Fundation Educational Fund POLIN Museum was able to organize the first edition of Polin Meeting Point – Summer Education School. This is an international program addressed to university students from Poland, Israel and Germany which aims at building multicultural dialogue through education and art.

The Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland is a non-governmental organization with a status of public benefit organization. It was founded in 1951. Its objective is to preserve and commemorate the history and culture of Polish Jews, and their contribution into the world culture. At the moment, the objective is fulfilled mainly by way of supporting the Museum of the History of Polish Jews and The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute.


The summer school program was created under the supervision of the members of the Program Advisory Board, composed of:

Dr hab. Jolanta Żyndul

POLIN Museum

Dr hab. Jolanta Żyndul

POLIN Museum

Prof. dr hab. Bianka Pietrow-Ennker

University of Konstanz

Prof. dr hab. Bianka Pietrow-Ennker

University of Konstanz

Dr. Yael Granot-Bein

University of Haifa

Dr. Yael Granot-Bein

University of Haifa



Media partners


Project team

Program Coordinator:

Magdalena Dopieralska

Substantive and organizational support:

Nili Amit – Coordiantor for Israel

Ewa Chomicka – Manager, Adult Education Unit

Łucja Koch – Manager, Education Department

Katarzyna Łabędź – Co-worker, Education Department

Anna Majewska – Specialist, Education Departament

Tsipy Zeiri – Co-worker, Education Department